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Master in systemscontrole andInformation technology

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Control and information technology are increasingly used in the design and operation of modern engineering systems. With the pervasive infiltration of computer systems in engineered products and in society, a model-based system integration methodology combined with an overall emphasis on compositional design appears as a crucial issue in modern process automation and research in automatic control.

Our aim is to provide you with a high level of knowledge and skills for research and developments in process modeling and control, from the latest theories to their applications.

A choice between two options is offered:
Industrial Processes Automation (IPA) aims at an engineer career or applied research, with a focus on automation-oriented topics, labs, team working and communication, technological innovation and the adaptability to new environments ;
Control and Systems Theory (CST) is oriented toward theoretical research, with advanced courses in feedback control and in applied mathematics, the development of analytical skills and independent working capabilities.

Masters 2


The MISCIT curriculum consequently includes advanced topics in modeling, optimization, automatic control and communication. The theoretical concepts are supported by dedicated methodologies and numerous challenging applications.

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