3MEE Masters
Multiscale andMultiphysics modelingfor electrical engineering

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The R & D sector into electrical energy is booming worldwide, both because sustained energy requirements and environmental constraints increasingly strong. Technological developments are many and generate an important call for engineers and researchers high-level able to support their development. To meet these needs, the 3MEE Master will give you the opportunity to learn advanced skill sets with projects led by high-level research units.

The 3MEE courses emphasize the use of multiphysics and multiscale techniques to aid in the understanding and development of complex physical behaviors and electrical systems. With advanced theoretical knowledge and challenging practical applications, it will teach you the techniques and methodologies you will need to promote your expertise on an international level.

Whether you look for a career in the international research community or the professional applications, when you graduate you are competent to work in many engineering and industrial fields (distribution networks, electric power systems, electromagnetic modeling and computation, etc.) closer to research and innovation. You can also choose to pursue a career in research with a doctorate in the exceptional scientific environment that is Grenoble and the French Alps, with all the main leading research laboratories (G2Elab, GIPSA-Lab, G-Scop).

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The 3MEE masters is an advanced training course that focusses mainly on numeric modeling of electromagnetic fields and complex energy systems, with a multiscale approach that goes from materials to components.

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